26. November 1942
Victor Lind
26. November 1942, 1999 Acryl and lack painting, 125x195 cm

26. November 1942

Acryl and lack painting, 125x195 cm
(This painting I forgot to paint in 1972)


1999 Samtidskunstforum, Oslo
Poster for the exhibition 37,5 x 59 cm


Dagbl. 27.3.99 m/foto Harald Flor
BK annonse 1-99
BK 2-99 intervju, Ketil Nergaard
Aftenp. 19.3.99
Natt&Dag 3-99
KK 12.3.99 Intervju

That day, 532 Norwegian Jews were brought down to the harbour, where the German ship Donau took them to Auschwitz. Eleven of them survived.
Police inspector Knut Rød, a Nazi and Head of the State Police in Oslo, led the arrests of the Jews.
The Norwegian courts acquitted police inspector Knut Rød of all charges after the war.
Rød served in the Oslo police until 30 June 1965.
At least four members of the Norwegian Resitance Movement, who worked at the State Police (double agents), participated in key positions in the deportation of the Jews.
None of them has been prosecuted for their participation in the genocide.

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