2000 Who is afraid? - Contemporary memory
Victor Lind
Video stills Who is afraid?- Contemporary memory 2000

2000 Who is afraid? - Contemporary memory
Museum of contemporary Art, Oslo
4 channel DVD video and sound installation,7:20 min, loop

2006 Fridericianum Kunsthalle, Kassel
2003 BODY MATTERS, Museum of contemporary Art, Oslo
2001 Lillehammer Artmuseum, Lillehammer
2001 "Schpaa" , Bergen kunstforening, Bergen
2000 "Schpaa", Copenhagen

About the work:
2004 Mythen der Nationen–Arena der Erinnerungen, German Historical Museum, Berlin

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Bergens Tdende 18.3.01
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Henning Mortensen: "Victor Lind-Nærstudie av historien-Fortolkning og sorgarbeid"
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Morgenbl. 28.11.03 1.s.+2s. intervju
Kat.Mythen der Nationen–Arena der Erinnerungen, German Historical Museum, Berlin
(Bind I, s.470-471)

The video installation tells four different and contrary stories about the same event in 1942.
This event is shown on four walls in four colours at the same time. (4 DVD)
Each story has a spesific colour. (Coloured video, yellow, red and blue. Ref. Barnett Newman)
Every 110 seconds we get a new part of all four stories.
At the same time the coloured videos and the sound rotate slowly in the room
in sequences of 110 seconds. Colours and stories proceed to the next walls.
The videos / DVD are 7 min. 20 sec. and will loop.

Briefly about the liveart installation at Kirkeveien, Oslo, 1998:
" CONTEMPORARY MEMORY - I'll bring you home "
This installation took place at 4:30 to 5.00 in the morning on Thursday November 26, 1998.
The video material is from this event.
I ordered 100 taxies for half an hour.
The installation created a 700-metre illuminated, transient axis . The audience and
members of the press were given a historical document - which thereby was made
public for the first time.

At 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 26, 1942, the deportation of Jews started in Norway.
300 Norwegian operatives assembled at the the State Police headquarters at Kirkeveien.
A hundred hired taxis were waiting at Kirkeveien for the transportation of the Jews.
That day, 532 Norwegian Jews were brought down to the harbour, where the German ship Donau took them to Auschwitz. Eleven of them survived.
Police inspector Knut Rød, a Nazi and Head of the State Police in Oslo, led the arrests of the Jews.
The Norwegian courts acquitted police inspector Knut Rød of all charges after the war.
Rød served in the Oslo police until 30th June 1965.
At least four members of the Norwegian Resitance Movement, who worked at the State Police(double agents), participated in key positions in the deportation of the Jews.
None of them has been prosecuted for their participation in the genocide.

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